Florissant and Hazelwood Pet Sitter Reviews

We are pleased to share with you some of the glowing reviews we’ve received from our clients in the Florissant and Hazelwood area. If you’d like to read more reviews, you’ll find them on Facebook and Google.

A great big thanks & sloppy kisses to Denise of Bark N Good Time for taking such loving care of me and Missy while our humans were away on vacation! She fed us, gave me my meds on time, played with us and took me for walks unless it was too hot. She texted Mom and sent her pix to let her know what we were doing so she wouldn’t miss us so much. I also got to ride in Denise’s car when she took me to the vet to get my shot, I love riding in the car! I’m so happy Mom decided to have Denise take care of us instead of sending me off to a kennel. Next time your humans have to leave you, call Denise, you will be happy you did!

Raven, St. Louis

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for taking such wonderful care of our little Vito while we were on travel. When my sister moved away, we had no idea what we would do with Vito when we went on vacation. Boarding him at a kennel wasn’t even an option and taking him to someone else’s house made me nervous too (what if he had an accident). We were a little hesitant to invite a stranger into our home, but from the moment you came in the door, we knew we were making the right decision. You instantly went from stranger to Vito’s new buddy. From the status updates you sent, to the extra time you spent, you truly put our minds at ease. It was wonderful to come home and have all our mail on the counter and a stack of journal entries about Vito’s staycation. Thank you for going well above and beyond what we ever could have imagined. You are now Vito’s new Aunt Denise. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Amy, Florissant, MO

I would definitely recommend Bark’N Good Time and Denise. She was able to fit me in on a very last minute request and gave my dog the best treatment. The communication was excellent with lots of updates. It was wonderful peace of mind for me and my dog. Denise went above and beyond, and I am lucky to have found her.

Sharon, Florissant, MO

Thank you so much for taking care of our critters while we were away. We were won over at the initial meet-n-greet when our wild 4-pack were crazy about you. Even our skittish newest addition was more curious than skittish. While we were away, the updates you sent gave us confidence our kids were being watched over well. We feel very fortunate to have found someone who is professional, loving & caring to be there for us & our dogs when we need them. We are looking forward to the next time we need some time away knowing that we won’t have to worry about who will take care of our dogs.

Thank you!

Julie and Jim, Florissant, MO

Thank you very much Denise for caring for our dogs and cats while we were away on vacation. We really appreciate being able to leave our pets in caring and trusting hands as great as yours! We were happy that you cared for our yard and house, as well as, our pets while we were away. We thank you and our flowers thank you!

Kelly, Hazelwood

Right from the start, Denise Sparrow impressed me with her gentle, professional manner with me and my dog. The minute she came into the door to meet us, she gave me the confidence that I will be leaving my beloved dog in very competent hands. It did not take long for her to warm up to Denise and become friends. I highly recommend that you consider Denise Sparrow with Bark’N Good Time to take care of your pet!

Kathryn, Lake St. Louis

Denise: Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Before we found you, we could not leave the house for more than 12 hours at a time. For those who are lucky enough to have Denise watch over your homes and pets, I have complete trust in her. Especially after this last camping trip my family took.

We contacted Denise and made preps, then with all the hectic last min, my daughter double locked all the doors and windows except the garage. My daughter even locked the fence gate. Denise called me and asked if there was another way into the house. She was going to climb the 5-foot fence if she had to. The key for the garage doesn’t work very good, but she knew she had to get in to take care of the pets, because our dog is blind and a diabetic and the mother wild cat was in a cage. The other pets of course benefitted from Denise’s determination as well. We got caught in a flash flood while camping, and Denise told us don’t worry she will continue going to our home and take care of the pets and house untill we tell her otherwise. When we finally got home, the pets were fine, the plants were fine, the mail was stacked on the table and the money for her services was still on the table with a short note; “With all the trouble you guys had this past week, I can’t charge you for my services, this one is on me. Give me a call when you need to go out of town, I will be there when you need me.”

******Denise***** Thank you Denise*****

Dan and Ginny, St. Charles, MO

Denise is excellent! I have three Weimaraner and they are no easy bunch. I think she may love them as much as we do. I could not ask for more. Our house was clean, the dogs were well cared for and the yard was taken care of. I love the pictures that show the dogs in their home loving life just as if we were there. The details she includes in her letter to the family when we returned shows that she is really present and engaging the dogs. There is no way to fake it; her funny antidotes are right on the money when it comes to our fur babies! I love that she pays such great attention to details: she has picked up medication for one dog when he have run out, treats and she even clipped their nails with out being asked. I love love love coming home from a trip and not having to pick the dogs up from the boarder, they are at home to greet us! Praises to Denise!

Joi Richardson, Chesterfield, MO

Thank you so very much for taking care of my precious Sophie. She clearly loves you, and I was thrilled that you found the time to bathe her and trim her nails. She smells fabulous and her coat is super shiny from the brushing and the bath. You saved me from putting her in a kennel today, and we are both grateful for the extra love and attention that she got. You are forever my only source for pet care for Sophie. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the best!

Ruth, St. Ann, MO

Denise with Bark ‘N Good time took exceptional care of my animals. She took the time to come over and get acquainted with them first before I went out of town. She left notes for me and provided great communication with picture messages each and every day so that I knew the kitties were doing well. She took time to play with, pet them and even groom them and give them treats. I think they got spoiled!! I also felt very safe with Denise rather than a larger service with multiple employees (you never know how many different people are coming into your home). Denise is very trustworthy! Also, one of my cats is longhaired and has frequent hairballs and sometimes “misses” the litter-box. Denise went out of her way to clean up the hairballs and other messes. We also ran out of litter and she went out and purchased some after checking to find out which kind to get. I would not hesitate to use Bark’N Good Time’s services again and definitely plan on doing so for my next vacation!

Mary Beth, St. Louis